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 Case Studies

We hope your company becomes our next success story.
Until then, these are some of our best.

Large School District

Their Challenge: This school district experienced significant difficulties in collecting and disseminating grade information based on their decentralized computing approach.

Our Solution: We developed a secured Internet-based system with a centralized database and program administration, using a browser-based interface that mimicked the user interface of their former PC application.

Technologies Used: IBM AS 400, IBM WebSphere and IBM Visual Age for JAVA.

The Payoff: The program administration is now centralized, requiring no travel from the program administrators. The database is now centralized, which allows for automatic updates between it and the business control system that they use. Teachers are now able to enter grades from any location, including their homes.


Large Financial Services Company

Their Challenge: This Large Financial Services Company had identified more than 50 standard management reports critical to their financial success. A dedicated, three-person staff was developing thirty of these reports, with part-time help from 10 more individuals. The process was largely manual, requiring data collection in various forms from numerous sources. Because of the time-consuming manual process, the report data was frequently out-of-date by the time it was available for use.

Our Solution: We built a Reporting Intranet enabling them to generate reports on demand through a web browser. The reports are available in real time every day, versus the previous multi-day waiting period for compiling the data

Technologies Used: Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft ASP, Seagate Crystal Reports, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM UDB Database.

The Payoff: By having access to real time reports and expediting the dissemination of this information, this Large Financial Services Company was able to redeploy their full-time staff into jobs more valuable to the company and more fulfilling to the staff as well. Productivity and morale were significantly improved.


Fortune 100 Insurance Company

Their Challenge: This leading insurer had eight people handling a Certificate Compliance Tracking System to ascertain that on large construction projects, both the main contractor and all subcontractors are insured. The staff had to research the coverage requirements for a particular job, input all of these certificates, and track policy expiration dates to find any gaps in coverage.

Our Solution: We developed a software package enabling this Fortune 100 Insurance Company to do the tracking accurately and efficiently with two people, rather than eight.

Technologies Used: Microsoft Visual Basic.

The Payoff: The ability to perform this service for the general contractor gave this Fortune 100 Insurance Company a major competitive advantage. The new system's efficiency scaled into multiple clients, including some Fortune 100 corporations. Since additional staffing was not required, this added revenue minus incremental costs.



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